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Two kids down & Momma needs to run

Today is a run day for me. Unfortunately, I have two kids who aren’t feeling well at home. Girl child (who turned 17 last week, OMG what the what!) seems to have the stomach flu. Boy child (age 10 for those following along at home) didn’t sleep well because thunderstorms blew through last night. He’s not scared of them but the lightning strikes were so close and loud it kept waking him up. He woke up grumpy AF and I wasn’t going to torture his teachers with that attitude. I sent him back to bed.

So I need to figure out a way to run today. I’m thinking I may have to wait until later, hoping the rain passes.

I like running. I always have. I don’t want to jog with anyone though. It’s all about being alone listening to great music and simply putting one foot in front of the other. Just typing about it makes me want to throw on my shoes, storms be damned, and just hit the trail right now. Is this insanity? Maybe so…..

I’ve been working on my running music playlist. That means more music listening and more happy discoveries. Yay, new music! 🙂

*Wild Belle: I’ve been a fan for a while and their new single “Throw Down Your Guns” is stellar. Their album “Dreamland” comes out in April. Booyah! <3

*Mumiy Troll is a Russian rock band. Seriously. I can’t even remember how they came to my attention. One listen grabbed my attention and then I happily spent an hour down the rabbit hole called SoundCloud exploring their music. Love!!!

*As I type up these posts I listen to the music I’m going to share. I’ve not typed in 5 minutes because I was pulled into the gorgeous sound of Joon Moon. Their EP was released in 2015. No word yet on when the full album will hit (sometime this year). I.Can’t.Wait. Here’s Apple Day…..we’ll have to make due with that and a few others until the album is released.

*One thing I miss the most about working in radio was working with IMC. It’s a spot called “Across the Pond” where American programmers share up and coming artists with radio listeners in the UK and the American audience is introduced to new UK musicians. I made some wonderful friends. And heard some great music. Paul Knowles, who heads IMC and the brain child behind Across the Pond, is kind enough to still send me music from the UK. That’s what gets us to Hollie April today. Impressive songwriting, beautiful voice, and crisp production puts Momma K in her super happy place. Here’s “Father”. Listen, love, and share.

I finally met Paul face to face last May. Here’s our selfie. 🙂


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St. Patrick’s Day, 5k, and music

I’ve never understood the love of St. Patrick’s Day for those who aren’t Irish. Which I’m not. But I do love Irish music (traditional and new). I’ll just pass on the green beer!

I’ve taken the running leap and have begun a Couch to 5k training program with a group of friends. I’m running 3 days a week, the other three I walk or hit the pool. I feel great and love it! Today I completed Week 3 Day 1. That involves walking for 5 minutes then jogging 1.5 mins, walking 1.5 mins, jogging 3 mins, walking 3 mins, repeat once, then cool down. I was a bit unsure about my ability to run for 3 minutes straight but I’m glad to say I did it!!! Here I am after completing the workout:


I’ve not blogged in 2 weeks so the list of new music is rather long. Let’s start with two Irish bands I love.

*I have been a die hard fan of Flogging Molly for many years. I love their sound, their passion, their energy. That and their mosh pits are the bomb – I’ve never seen a pit so polite!! One of my dreams is to go on the Flogging Molly cruise. I love seeing them live – if you can, definitely do it!

Imagine my delight when they released their first new song in 6 years. So.Much.Love.

*When I first heard Enter the Haggis, I was delighted. These talented fellas from Toronto are brilliant musicians AND businessmen. I love their new single (and can’t wait to hear the new EP!)

*If you haven’t heard of Hozier at this point, then I’m sad for you. Time to crawl out from under your rock and join the rest of us because he is Da Man. And Irish. This isn’t a new song for me, but it’s my hands down favorite song of his. It’s getting a huge surge of love after it was used at the end of a Walking Dead episode. Here’s “Arsonist’s Lullabye”

*Frightened Rabbit is NOT an Irish band. They’re Scottish. And brilliant. The single from their new album “Painting of a Panic Attack” shows incredible growth from them which makes me doubly happy.

*Finally we come back home to the U.S. and the artist Sierra Hull. I could babble on and on about her but there’s no need. Close your eyes and listen. Gorgeous!

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Struggling to see daylight

It’s been rough these past few months, so I’m doing everything I can to focus on the positives in my life. My kids are number one. My family. My SCA family. My pets (ermagerd sweetest dog evah!). Music.


Now that I’ve been out of the radio biz for 2 months I’m finding I miss it less and less. As I continue to search for work, I’m focusing more on the non profit sector. To know that I use my energy to help others in some way would fill me with joy. I’m still doing voice overs and slowly prepping the office for painting – need it to warm up a bit more before I can paint.

Girl child and I have started training for a 5k. I’ve survived so far so things are looking up! And I’ve lost 3 pounds, so bonus!

I read a study somewhere, years ago, that NE Ohio actually has more cloudy days than Seattle. I don’t know if it’s true, yet on days like today when the sky is cloudy and it smells like more snow, I can believe it. I’m finding my own daylight lately. That means snuggles with the kids and pets. Running outside instead of at the gym when I can. Clementines. Seriously, clementines are small little balls of happy.

And yes, music. I wasn’t sure if I was going to focus on music today but there are a few new(er) artists that have made me smile.

*I’ve always admired Bob Boilen and the Tiny Desk Concert. They announced the winner of their yearly concert a few days ago and I don’t wonder why. Give a listen to Gaelynn Lea and her song “Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun”.

*I’m known for being down on twangy music. What folks don’t know is I was like that for the last station I programmed. In fact I enjoy quite a lot of Americana music. The single, “Your Story” from Distant Cousins new album has a definite twang and I love it.

*I don’t even remember how the band Mynth came to my attention. I don’t care. Listen and love.

*Icelandic bands are huge right now. Here’s an Alt-leaning band that’s getting a lot of attention – Agent Fresco.

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