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War is hell

I returned home safely on Friday evening from my yearly vacation. It’s not a normal vacation. No lounging in a hammock by the ocean or in the mountains. I join over 10,000 other people at the Pennsic War – a camping event North of Pittsburgh made up of folks who are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (a non profit organization that re-enacts pre-1600 history). The weather, quite honestly, sucked. It was hot and humid. Most nights were the same. My ankles swelled to the point where I could only really wear flip flops (not really historically accurate but when it’s that bad you toss accuracy out the window).

If you know me you know I’m not a negative nancy but oy, it was yukky. I had good moments but for the most part I spent my time with a battery operated fan blowing on me. So this year Pennsic War was, for me, hell.

But hey, I did get a great pic!

Pennsic at sunset
Pennsic at sunset

We came home to a huge overflow of tomatoes. I’m excited – this year I’m going to learn how to can! 🙂 Haven’t checked the peppers or eggplant yet – will get on that today.

School starts this week for boy child and at the beginning of September for girl child. She’s a senior in high school so OMGWTF. So not prepared for this!! We need to nail down a college and get going on prep for that. eeeeeeeep!

I did not listen to new music while I was camping. But I have spent the past few days catching up on emails and music. Here’s just a taste of the awesome out there:

*Margret Glaspy – I love her story. She comes from CA and was accepted to Berklee School of Music. ‘ “I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for a semester and paid for it with money I got from the YoungArts Program.” She continues, “I wasn’t able to afford school after that semester, so I snuck into workshops and master classes at the school and started to write songs more seriously.” For three years, she lived in Boston, working odd jobs whilst fine-tuning her songwriting skills.’ Now that’s what I call dedication!

*Ryley Walker – I have simple musical tastes. I’m not into overly processed stuff. Raw or acoustic makes me happy. Ryley Walker makes me happy. He’s a mega talented guy making really great music. I can’t ask for anything else.

*Joshua Radin – I’m biased about Joshua, after all, he’s from the same town in Cleveland. But you know what? Talent is talent. He melts my heart. His lyrics and music are gorgeous. Don’t change, Joshua. Please don’t change.

*Hannah Gill & The Hours – Yaaaaaaaaaas. I’m not going to write a technical review. Sultry, smoky, seductive. This is some serious sexy music. Love!!

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