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A plan is hatched

I try my best not to be impulsive. Sometimes I fail (especially at the grocery store when I’m hungry!) but I really try to weigh options, talk to friends/colleagues, & fully analyze a situation before I implement. That can slow me down but at the same time I feel I understand fully what I’m about to embark on. After last week’s post, I’ve been talking with a lot of folks to get their thoughts on how to best accomplish my goals.

My dear friend Michael (who is an amazing life coach) summed it up well. He simply asked “what brings you joy? What do you want to do?”


(My joy. Right there.)

My answer? I love talking with people. I’ve always been happiest behind a microphone interviewing people, whether it’s artists or local community leaders (like I did for my public affairs show Greater Cleveland Forum). There is something I’m working on along that vein but it will take a while to get it going (grant writers are amazing!) but I need to do something now.

I’ve been doing voice over work on the side for a long time but never made it my focus. That is about to change. My demo is in the works and then I’ll be shopping myself around for work. Having a studio at home makes things awesomely easy to do this. Thanks, CG! 😉

For those following along at home – I’m now up to Week 6, Day 1 of the Couch to 5k program. I ran that today and got my longest run in yet. 1.81 miles. Which makes me feel like a snail (pace-wise) but I keep reminding myself that it’s 1.81 miles most people aren’t running today. So go me!

I promised I’d talk about new music in last week’s blog so without further ado…..

*Mariachi El Bronx is one of my favorite bands. The song “Wildfires” came out 9 months ago but I’m betting most of you haven’t heard it, or of them. Time to change that!

*Most of the bands I highlight here are one listen bands. As in, one listen was all it took to fall in love. That’s absolutely the case with Big Thief. One.Listen.

*Ermagerd have you heard of Skating Polly? Time to rectify that if you haven’t. What do I love about them?

1. They’re sisters. That’s so bad ass it’s amazing.
2. Punk influence. Also bad ass.
3. I have a weakness for gritty and raw music. Music not “smoothed out” or made to sound pretty. Just the band, the microphones, and the engineer. Perfection.

Here’s their new single “Pretective Boy”:

*I keep a pad of paper next to me at my desk. As I hear new music I want to blog about, I jot down the name of the artist and song title. I must have really really really loved Kevin Morby because his name was on my list twice. That tells you a lot. So here he is with his single “I Have Been To the Mountain” (and OMG this video. Wow this video!):

*Tom Odell has a new album coming out in June!!! This guy – wow, this guy. Love his voice. Love his vibe. I met him at a convention in Boulder and he’s so fucking sweet and nice and then rocks the fuck out. How can you not love that? First single from the new album is “Magnetised”. Love!

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