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Hello there, fall, you sexy sexy beast

I had to turn on the heat yesterday morning.

*happy sigh and then wiggle of joy*

This past summer was pretty horrendous. I’m a warm weather gal – I usually hate fall with a passion because that means winter is coming. brrrrrrr! But this year? OMG that heat and humidity made for a very very unhappy Momma K. The weather cooling off has delighted me.

I don’t hate winter. I just slightly despise it. When I focus on the good stuff – sledding or even the quiet that comes from a snowy morning – I’m happy. When I think about driving in it? uggggggggggg!

Oh but hey, I have a new all wheel drive Subaru! That will be fun to try out in the snow, right?

Happy snow times:


Seriously unhappy snow times:


But good stuff is coming! Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Solstice/Christmas/Hannukah. Boo-frickin-yah!

Oh and we can’t forget the happiness right now – GO INDIANS! I will be a mega happy lady if they make it to the World Series.

I have been listening to a lot more music lately – not only for my blog but because it makes me happy. I’m blessed that so many of my promotions friends still send me music links and files. I keep a notepad by my computer so I can write down new music I want to write about. The list is super long, which I love. There is so much great music out there!

New Music:

*Weyes Blood: Here’s what’s cool – NPR has the first listen to her (Natalie Mering) whole album “Front Row Seat to Earth”. My first gander was the single “Seven Words”. Dudes. Doooooods. I have a weakness for female singers who aren’t scared to experiment yet do so in a way that’s accessible to an old-fashioned momma like me. Here’s the single. Then go listen to the full album on NPR. Trust me.

*My friend Anya Marina sent me a link to Matt Pond PA‘s newest & yet-to-be-released album. It was hush hush and nothing had been released yet. I didn’t post about it because I won’t talk about an album until I have something to share with you. So I’m doing a super happy dance because now I can!!! His new album “Winter Lives” comes out on November 11. And Brooklyn Vegan has a link to the first single from the album.

All that being said, Matt Pond PA is fucking awesome. So go listen to the single. Then go check out his Patreon page and help him out if you can. We need to support artists, whether it’s through Patreon or buying their music.

*Hiss Golden Messenger has a new album and tour. This has caused a serious happy office dance to happen. The entire new album is one to buy. And going by previous tours, go see them live. Here’s the title track from the new album, “Heart Like A Levee”:

*Finally, we move on to an awesome musician and totally cool dude, Mike Doughty. His newest album, “The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns” was released on 10/14.

How do I review Mike? His sound is distinctively HIM yet at the same time he’s not afraid to play with new and exciting sounds and technology. The single, “I Can’t Believe I Found You in that Town”, is totally Mike and totally radio-friendly (blah, I hated that term when I worked in radio) but it’s ok and apropos for the song. Why? The single is a great way to be introduced to him. Once you’re pulled in you can fall down that happy rabbit hole exploring his awesomeness. Check him out live if you can.

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