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I went to LA and came home inspired

That’s what happened when I went to Los Angeles last week. I was inspired by the incredible people I met at the California Copyright Conference dinner and panel. Their passion and enthusiasm was contagious and I came home even more fired up to get the Fair Play Fair Pay Act passed in Congress. I’ve been told the video will be released soon(ish) – as soon as it is I’ll post links here.

I managed to steal time with friends while I was in town as well. I stayed with my dear friends CA and EK. Stopped in at a local AAA station. Had lunch with David Sloane (check out his band Feral Vinca), and coffee with another friend. And on my last day stole time for breakfast with Roze.

I didn’t see any Los Angeles “things”. No Hollywood sign. No Walk of Fame. No Chinatown. Instead I saw people I care about and that’s a lot more important to me than doing the tourist thing.

I’ve had a few folks ask me how the CCC Panel went. I think it was fabulous. I felt like all of our stories were heard and respected. I feel like those who attended walked out fired up, ready to help with the #IRespectMusic cause.

One woman asked me how to be brave and I didn’t know how to answer. I babbled a bit but it mostly comes down to just doing it. When my father died (1997, age 58 of an aneurysm), my mother told me people told her over and over how strong she was. My mother told me she didn’t have a choice. She saw that fork in the road – she could lay in bed, pull the blankets over her head, tell the world to F off, and slowly die. Or she could honor my father and their marriage and keep going. She chose to keep going.

Did I know what I was in for when I co-wrote the letter to Representative Goodlatte with Blake? Nope.
Did I understand the ramifications of the Huffington Post article? Nope.
Was I prepared for where I am now – unemployed and unable to work in my chosen field? Nope.
Would I do it all again? Fuck yes. Without a doubt.

I’m just one person fighting this battle. Everyone is needed. Sign the petition. Call your Congressional representative. Let’s get this bill passed.


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