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Intelligent, vivacious, passionate, strong woman seeking……

A company that desires an employee like me.

The job hunt has been rather frustrating. Many resumes sent out and many rejection letters received. I was getting bummed out but then my positive nature took over and I decided to turn my problem on it’s head. If you do a search on my name one of the first things that shows up is the Huffington Post article about the letter I co-wrote with Blake Morgan.

The vast majority of places I’ve applied to are the sorts that most likely don’t want an employee who questions the status quo. I realized last weekend that I’ve been going about my job hunt completely wrong. It’s time to find a job somewhere that embraces my strengths. I don’t have a darn clue where that is but I’m extremely excited about what will come.

In other non-work hunt related news the 5k training is going well. I’m up to week 5, which puts me at running for a total of 16 minutes. I won’t say it’s getting easier but I will say I look forward to running 3x a week. I’m mixing elliptical work and running in the current channel at the pool to keep active every day. Bonus is more energy, which is always a good thing.

Me after my latest run:


No music today, instead I’d like to share a video by SoundExchange that features Blake and I. We went to Washington D.C. in January to meet with some Congressional Representatives and discussed the I Respect Music campaign. And I was thrilled to stop by the SoundExchange office while we were in town. There are some incredible folks there working hard for all artists.

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