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January 2016 new music

Another cold front is moving into NE Ohio. To distract myself from preparing my home office for this weekend’s forthcoming painting extravaganza, I thought it was time to give a gander to the new music in the AAA/Alt world that I’m loving.

*I have to start with one of my favorites. Shearwater (aka Jonathan Meiburg) has a butterscotch voice that makes me melt. His newest offering, “Jet Plane and Oxbow” is his best yet. His musical brilliance leaves me breathless. It’s my first album purchase of 2016 and should be yours too. Here’s the first single “Quiet Americans”.

*Have you heard Aurora yet? She’s the hottest artist out right now. I knew I had to post about her when my teenage daughter ran in asking me if I’d heard of this amazing new musician, Aurora. I laughed and told her I’d played her single before anyone else. Dreamy, dark, pop influenced music. You definitely want to give her a listen. And then run out and buy her album “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend”, which comes out March 11.

*Run River North is a band I’ve been a fan of for a while. They’ve hit it out of the ballpark with their new single “Run or Hide”. I anticipate they will flip to Top 40/Hot AC in months. And I wouldn’t be happier for them. Super awesome folks with a kick ass sound.

*When I first heard Lucius I knew this was a band to follow. Their newest offering shows why. They are brilliant, fun, and masters of stage presence. Their new single “Born Again Teen” makes me dance in the office. Much to the cat’s fear.

*Have you heard Hey Marseilles? OMG folks, if you haven’t then you are missing pure musical beauty. Here’s the second single “North & South” from their forthcoming album.

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