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Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

(Quote from The Princess Bride)

It’s been mega busy. Started a new part time job last week (retail). This means a little less free time, more planning on my part, and a weight off my shoulders financially. I’m still doing consulting as well but it’s great to have steady income coming in.

Garden is bad. It’s been so dry and I’ve been horrid about remembering to water the plants. I don’t think the eggplant or peppers will make it. They are just not happy.

My allergies are horrendous. They just kicked in yesterday. We went to Detroit to see friends and I was fine. Got home and seriously – we got off the highway and I started sneezing. It’s been 18 hours and the Allegra is wearing off – I know enough to know I need to take it at night before bed because my allergies are worse after dark. Now is the time to invest in Puffs – I’m going to be going through a ton!

I haven’t been going to many concerts this year but I have hit a few. LaureLive was INCREDIBLE. Stellar line up and all the performances were inspiring! Plus I had time to sit and visit with lots of friends. I do hope it returns next year.

A week ago I went to see Lee DeWyze and Anna Rose in Port Clinton, OH. Confession – I have never been to the Islands of Lake Erie. Cedar Point, IMHO, doesn’t count. This was my first trip into that area. I was really impressed and definitely want to go back (Kelly’s Island is on my bucket list – I’ve always wanted to see the glacial grooves!)

Look at them!!
Look at those sexy glacial grooves!!!!

Anyway, the concert. Both artists are friends of mine so it was wonderful to see them perform and visit with both after their sets (Anna opened for Lee). I finally had a chance to listen to Lee’s new album “Oil & Water”. He let me hear a few of the tracks when the album was in production so it was awesome to hear the finished product. He’s pretty awesome. But I’m biased, I admit it.

Here’s the first single from the album – “Stone”:

Anna has a new album out and I love it – and her. She’s a total rocker chick with no qualms about rocking the fuck out. Love.Her!!! New EP “Strays in the Cut” just came out – here’s “Under My Skin”:

But wait, there’s more!! More new music, that is.

*Freddy & Francine: I’m still on a few radio email lists (which I love!). I don’t inhale new music like I did when it was my job but I do listen to new music a few times a week. My friend, Jeff Appleton, runs Marathon Entertainment. His site one of the places I go to listen to new music. He never disappoints. Prime example is Freddy & Francine. I first of heard of them via his website, then watched their video for the NPR Tiny Desk contest. Booyah! Here they are with “If You Want Me”:

*I’ve talked about JD Eicher before but I’ve gotta plug him again – new album (The Middle Distance) = lots of awesome new songs. He’s local(ish) and I’ve had the chance to see him perform live a few times. His energy, passion, and musical brilliance are phenomenal. Give the title track from the new album a gander:

P.S. Yes, I watched the Cavs win – I think almost everyone in NE Ohio did. I don’t like basketball but I did that night. It was beautiful. The Lake Erie Monsters winning the Calder Cup excited the heck out of me as well. Yay Cleveland teams!

P.S.S. I will be nowhere near downtown CLE for the RNC. Nowhere. It’s gonna be crazy.

P.S.S.S. I know you don’t read my blog to discuss anything political – but we need more great music right now. My country’s heart is hurting. Here’s my new musical happy place:

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