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Looking back

As I’m wrapping up my 7th month of major life change, I’m doing a little bit of reflection on where I am now. What I find interesting is that there are still people (acquaintances of mine on social media) who don’t know the whole story behind the letter I co-wrote with Blake Morgan and subsequent Huffington Post article and guest appearance on Live with Robin Morgan. If you’re one of those folks, click the links and give it a gander.

I am continuing to fight for artist’s rights. Whether it’s in Washington DC, Los Angeles, or my hometown, I will keep talking, writing, and posting about it.

I have been unable to find work in radio since I terminated the contract with the station I worked with. I’ve been told I’m blacklisted from radio by some. I’ve been told I’m not by others. I have no way of knowing which is the truth – and acknowledge that perhaps both are. It’s ok though. I’m working (retail) and have an incredible new project about to launch within the month. More about that when we’re ready to launch.

All in all I’m happy. The lack of AC in my house bothers me but that’s it. My family is doing well, bills are being paid, food is on the table, the pets are making our lives full of joy, snuggles, and laughs. Ok, and periodic hair pulling out but mostly good stuff. My tomatoes are starting to ripen on the vine, which means delicious food we grew ourselves. I’m back on the vegan wagon and back to losing weight. It’s been 8 months since I quit smoking. I’m still able to laugh at myself and enjoy the simple things – the stars at night, thunderstorms rolling through, and an ice cold glass of water. I am blessed. Blessed enough to run out and buy a cheap ass pool for me and the kids to cool off in. There was almost nothing left (not surprising) so we got an adorable little turtle pool and we sat around it with our feet in. It was delightful.

I’m doubly blessed because I don’t have to listen to new music if I don’t want to. I get to choose what I listen to and when. That means I’ve been able to catch up on my favorite podcasts. If I don’t like what I’m listening to I grab a book and sit in silence for a while. After 14 years of non-stop music listening, it’s so refreshing to choose when I listen instead of that constant NEED to listen.

The bonus is that I get to talk about music that’s really exciting me!

*Josiah & The Bonnevilles: Their new EP “Cold Blood” is out now. Not.A.Fucking.Bad.Song.On.It. For reals. I love this EP. I love their sound. My favorite song from the EP is “Long Gone”. Love!!

*Butch Walker: This guy. OMG this guy. He’s incredible, talented, has great buzz but is for some damn reason still under the radar. Let’s change that, ok?

*Bishop Briggs: I could go on and on about her. About how she’s opening for Coldplay this summer. About the very art-y video. About her incredible voice and talent. But instead I’ll let you watch her video for “River”.

*Woodes: I just have three words. Thank You Australia.

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