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Spring is kinda maybe almost here….

Spring passed us by and we’ve gone into full summer mode here in NE Ohio. I’m not a huge fan of the heat BUT I have fans, belong to a gym with a great pool, and have access to cold water. I love summer – bonfires, camping, and lots of yummy fruit.

Today I’ll be finally planting my garden – peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant. Cross your fingers for me that they do well, please!

I’m still running. Not as much – my workouts have slowed and that’s just not cool. I’m back to running/elliptical/swimming – it really helps me feel great and clear my brain. Here’s the picture I took today on my run – the Towpath Trail is so beautiful!


I had a short term temp gig (lasted about 3 weeks). That’s over so I’m back to looking for work. I know something great is coming, I just wish it would come a little quicker!

I’m still listening to new music and there is so much that is awesome I don’t know where to start! I do try to focus on artists that aren’t with major labels but sometimes I have to ignore that guideline and yell from the rooftops about an amazing artist you should all know about.

*So here’s LÉON. She’s signed to Columbia and is quite a find. I could babble about her but I’ll let you just hear her and you’ll know what I mean. She’s the next big thing, folks.

*I have loved St. Paul & The Broken Bones for years now. They continue to impress the heck out of me. Their new album, “Sea of Noise” comes out in September. No video yet for the single that was just released to radio “All I Ever Wonder”. But here’s the teaser trailer.

*Have I talked about The Wind + The Wave yet? OMG people! I adore this band. Dwight and Patty are awesome – super talented, fun, & brilliant. Here’s “Grand Canyon” from their forthcoming album (released on Island Records).

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