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Trying to land on solid ground

As this year has passed, exciting is one way to put things in my life.

But my life has also been boring. I holed up for a few months trying to find my purpose (oh no, now I can’t get that song from Avenue Q out of my brain). I know I’m awesome and have so much to bring to any team I joined – I’m smart, strong, passionate, a hard worker, a great manager, and a superb team player. I do my best to inspire people while working side by side with them. I applied for job after job. I started rejoicing if I actually got a “no thank you”, since most didn’t even respond. Only one interview – and I was applying to 3-5 jobs a week.

Then I started doing grant research & writing for a non-profit agency as a consultant. I found my happy. It hits all the high points for me – research (yaaaas), writing, technical (keeping a database of grants), organization (tracking the progress of grants), and compiling the information to create the actual grant application. I’ve added another organization into the mix and it’s rather wonderful. To know that I can help non profits find money to fund their amazing projects delights me.

I haven’t forgotten about #IRespectMusic and #FairPlayFairPay though. I’m chilling until after the elections because getting in to see reps is mega difficult during an election cycle. But we do need to find a way to let people know where their Representatives stand on this issue. Hmmmm, maybe time to create a website? πŸ™‚ I think I know what I’m working on this week!

I do have more wonderful news – I bought an awesome new (to me) car last weekend! A 2002 Subaru Outback. My friend Alex (plugging him and Kia of Bedford) convinced me this was the car I needed and he was right. I am so happy. My mechanic at ECP is happy too – says the car is darn near perfect. A few things to fix but nothing major. Yay!

The only blah in my life is the realization that I haven’t seen the ocean in almost 2 years. I also haven’t had a vacation since then. Momma needs a vacation and ocean time. In my dreams I find $5k to take me and my kids on a Disney cruise in December (what we used to do for our vacations). Hopefully 2017, right? πŸ™‚

A happy pic from our last cruise. Me + Castaway Cay = awwwww yaaaaaas.


If you worried that I’d stopped listening to new music, you’d be wrong! New music makes me happy!

Here’s Angel Olsen performing her song “Shut Up Kiss Me” on Colbert. She is so mega incredibly fabulous.

*Gordi is new to Americans – but not for long, methinks. One listen and I was hooked. Thank you, Australia, for many things, especially Gordi. Her rich voice, slightly melancholy sound, and deep lyrics make her a winner in my book.

Here’s a live version. Cause saxophone and trumpet, that’s why.

*I’ve talked about Anya Marina before. Time for a another shout out though – I adore this new one by her. She co-wrote it with Tristan Prettyman and Jewel, so it’s triple fabulous.

*Let’s end this week on a chair dancing song. Actually, I’m going to wrap this up and then turn it up to dance around the office with my kids. Because that’s really the only way to enjoy Sonny Knight and The Lakers, friends. Turn it up and dance with me.

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