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Where the heck did my month go?

I’ve been writing down music to talk about, thinking about what to write for almost a month. I just kept forgetting to take the time to actually, you know, write.

I used to have a schedule. Even working from home meant I needed a schedule. This summer? Gone out the window. I’m awake until 1 or 2. Up around 10am. Then to the gym to swim or workout on the elliptical. Kids and I have played mini golf once. A few lunches out but we’ve been mega lazy. Don’t even ask me about the status of my vegetable garden. The tomatoes from last year took over! I had no idea they could come back! Mine did and they have decided the entire veggie patch is theirs. I have to dig up a hosta and plant my eggplant and pepper. That’s tomorrow’s goal – we have storms today (that means 1. I’m not working in the yard and 2. The ground will be nice and soft tomorrow.)

*Edit: I totally forgot one awesome fun thing girl child and I did this month! We went strawberry picking with a super awesome friend and her two boys. It was a hoot!

Putt Putt with the kids was awesome. We don’t follow the rules, we just whack our balls around. Seriously. No scores to keep, just fun.


I’ve been slacking on new music. Mostly because of summer laziness. But do not fear, I have a few gems for you!

*Highasakite is my latest musical love. The whole album, Camp Echo, is heavenly. I’ve been a fan for a few years and this album shows their growth beautifully. I can’t share any new videos from this album so we’ll have to make do with “Since Last Wednesday” from their 2013 album Silent Treatment:

*When I worked in radio, I avoided cover songs like the plague. But every once in a while one would come across my desk that blew me away. Meet SHEL. Hear their cover of “Enter Sandman”. Yeah. Life is good. (then go listen to their other stuff cause dayum.)

*Check out Great American Canyon Band. I’m kinda crushing on them. Incredible sound. Then I read the bio and my heart melted. Love love love.

Here’s “Only You Remain”:

*Lots of new music from artists I love – Hozier, Bastille, Tom Odell, Passenger, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Violent Femmes, Meiko, Anya Marina, and more. It’s a great time to be a music lover!

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